Lucky Dog Training LLC
Lucky Dog Training LLC

Certified & Professional Dog Trainers

Our trainers have a variety of experience and education in dog training.  We love educating humans on why dogs behave as they do, and helping canines live harmoniously in the human world and experience enriching relationships with their people. 

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Positive Reinforcement Training

We use positive reinforcement training to teach dogs desirable behaviors using science-based and reward-based methods.  These methods help dogs learn and succeed step-by-step.

How Does It Work

We work closely with the owner and pet to understand the root of the issue. Through using positive reinforcement training, we motivate dogs to learn through fun - no force or pain. Our simplified training allows owners to use the same techniques at home to train. These methods work humanely with any dog - to help them develop self-control, a trust relationship and self-confidence.

Lucky Dog Training LLC

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